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Bingo Calls Featuring Famous People

Bingo has been going since the 1800s and thus some of the rhyming calls are, shall we say, a little outdated.

For a long time, they referenced old school Western film actors and Australian gangsters, until Butlins decided to give the terms an overhaul in the 2000s, adding a load of more familiar faces to the bingo vocab. Plenty of people still use the traditional rhymes, but we recommend getting acquainted with all the terms. You won't need them in your average online bingo game (you can find where to play at bingo review site Two Big Ladies) but it's part of the heritage!

Old School

Ned Kelly

The number 1 is given the nickname Kelly's Eye, after Ned Kelly, the well-known folk hero and gangster who terrorised Australia in the 19th century. According to some, he apparently wore armour with a helmet that had a slit resembling a one, but others have suggested that the name was inspired by Ned's narrow eyes, which can be seen in photos.

Tom Mix

Tom Mix was the star of many silent era Westerns and a true Hollywood star in his day, though you'd be hard pushed to find anyone who'd remember him now. Mix rhymes with the six, hence the use of his name. And he was a bit of a hearthrob in the thirties.

The Prime Minister

Whoever resides at 10 Downing Street at the time, the current prime minister, has their name placed before 'den' to make a phrase that also rhymes with the number ten. At the moment it's David's Den from David Cameron, but it might soon be Ed's Den.

Danny La Rue

Danny La Rue was a well-known Irish drag act in the '60s and '70s who passed away in 2009 after a remarkable career. His name can be used a rhyming call for any numbers that end in two apart from two itself, like 52 or 72.


80's call is the somewhat un-PC Ghandi's Breakfast, so named because the shape of the numbers look like a man sitting crosslegged in front of an empty plate, perhaps a reference to his fasting.

New School

David Beckham

Becks is definitely the most famous footballer ever to don the number seven jersey both for United and England, so he was the obvious choice for the new nickname for 7.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo's rear end, which the singer very publicly insured, was the obvious choice for 71. It just rolls off the tongue.

Gareth Gates

The former Pop Idol winner with the adorable stutter, Gareth Gates is an easy rhyme for the number eight. Though, we're betting some of you don't even know who Gareth Gates is.

Ali G

Sacha Baron Cohen's hilarious rapper and wannabe gangster alter-ego, Ali G, lends his name to the call for 30.

Jimmy Choo

The luxury women's shoe brand started by designer Jimmy Choo and made famous by Sex and The City is the more modern call for 32, than the potential Danny La Rue.

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